Korean Culture Experience

24th – 27th October 2019
Hollywoodbar, CineStar Metropolis


Hanbok is a traditional attire considered everyday clothing by the Korean people until about a 100 years ago. Nowadays, it is usually worn on festive occasions or special anniversaries, such as a wedding ceremony. One of the special features of the Hanbok is its bell-like shape. The tight jacket and the high-waisted, flaring skirt create a graceful and elegant silhouette. The Hanbok fabric is colored using natural dyes, giving the Hanbok’s color depth and richness, that artificial dyes cannot achieve. This is your opportunity to try on this special garment and make beautiful memories with your friends. Take a trip into the past of Korea, to a time where Hanboks were still worn day-to day.


Hanji is traditional handmade paper from Korea, crafted from the bark of the Paper Mulberry tree. Due to its versatility, Hanji was used as material for books, as well as doors and windows, to protect houses from the wind and the cold. Also known for its elegant design and exceptional durability; Hanji can last for over 1000 years. Give Korean craftsmanship a try: unleash your creativity and design your own Hanji fans and masks!

Koreanischer Markt

Come check out our Project-K merchandise booth! We offer a wide selection of products, ranging from bags and t-shirts to posters and buttons. If you’re looking for K-Pop merchandise or other Korean goods, definitely pay us a visit.

Fire Noodle Challenge

Korean people are known to enjoy some spicy kick to their food, so it should not come as a surprise that the spiciest instant noodles on the market are made in South Korea. Commonly referred to as “fire noodles”, these instant noodles gained a surge in popularity internationally, after the “fire noodle challenge” became viral on YouTube. The challenge is simple: just finish a portion of fire noodles as fast as you can, without drinking water or milk to soothe the burn. If you can finish a bowl under the time limit, we’ll give you a free ticket to your movie of choice! Put your heat tolerance to the test – come take the fire noodle challenge!

K-Pop Random Dance Game

In addition to the K-Pop Dance Contest, one of the most popular events of the Korean film festival is the Random Dance Game. The rules of the game are simple: we will play excerpts from the latest and most popular K-pop songs and anyone willing may take the floor and dance to it. Every year, numerous K-pop fans join us to show off their knowledge of their favorite K-pop choreographies at Hauptwache station in central Frankfurt am Main. The game usually manages to attract a large crowd at the square in front of the station, as well as online, garnering several hundred thousands of views on the YouTube channel of its organisers – re[mark]able.