Kim-Gun 김군
Wed. 18.11.2020, 10:30 PM, fee to be charged

South-Korea 2019, 90 Min, Original with English subtitles, (Korean)FSK: 12
Genre: Documentary

Regie: KANG Sang-woo


2019 Busan Film Critics Association Awards - Best New Director
2019 Muju Film Festival: MJFF - Window of Cinema - Muju Audience Award
2019 The Korean Association of Film Critics Awards - Independent Film Support Award
2020 Wildflower Film Awards Korea - Grand Prize

The documentary Kim-Gun focuses on the events of the Gwangju riots taking place in May 1980 in Korea. A photo, taken on May 18th during the riots and showing a uniformed man, presents the starting point of the film. The young soldier is sitting on a tank, armed with a gun and directly looking at the camera. The search for the stranger’s identity begins. While some claim that the man is a North Korean spy, others believe that he was a member of the citizens’ militia. Various interviews with contemporaries and numerous photos ought to help identifying the man and getting closer to the truth. Kim-Gun is the feature film debut by director KANG Sang-woo, who won the Grand Prize at Wildflower Film Awards Korea in 2020.