Forbidden Dream 천문: 하늘에 묻는다
Sun. 22.11.2020, 6 PM, Fee to be charged

South-Korea 2019, 132 Min, Original with English subtitles, (Korean)FSK: 12
Genre: Historical, Drama

Regie: HUR Jin-ho
Script: JEONG Beom-sik, LEE Ji-min
Actor*innen: CHOI Min-sik, HAN Suk-kyu, PARK Sung-hoon


2020 New York Asian Film Festival - South Korea's Hidden Voices
2020 Korean Film Festival in Hungary - Fresh

„Take your time to dream. That’s the path to the stars.” – From Ireland

Sejong the Great (1397-1450) is known to be the one of the most prominent kings in Korean history and many achievements of his reign are worshipped even in modern Korea. Forbidden Dream focuses on the slowly growing relationship between King Sejong and the former slave JANG Yeong-sil who is supposed to realize Sejong’s visions of a Joseon calendar and instruments to measure time. The efforts of both dreamers are soon endangered due to the kingdom’s ties with the Chinese Ming-Dynasty, which is demonizing astronomical research.

With his first short film For Go-chul (1993) director HUR Jin-ho gained a lot of public attention. The short film was selected by the Vancouver International Film Festival. His movie Happiness (2007) brought him two awards, one for “Best Screenplay” and the other for “Best Film”.

* The maximum number of spectators is limited to 500 people.