Hitman: Agent Jun 히트맨
Sun. 22.11.2020, 8:30 PM, Fee to be charged

South-Korea 2020, 110 Min, Original with English subtitles, (Korean)FSK: 15
Genre: Action, Comedy

Regie: CHOI Won-sub
Script: CHOI Won-sub
Actor*innen: KWON Sang-woo, JUNG Joon-ho, HWANG Woo-seul-hye, LEE Ji-won


2020 Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival – Black Raven Competition
2020 New York Asian Film Festival - South Korea's Hidden Voices

Hitman: Agent Jun is an action comedy full of suspense, directed by CHOI Won-sub. The film tells the story of former NIS agent Jun, who faked his death on a mission, to follow his childhood dream: becoming a Webtoon artist. Although he became a Webtoon artist 15 years later, success is yet to come and even his daughter is embarrassed of his works. One drunken night he draws a webtoon about his past as a secret agent, which gets published without his knowledge. This leads to immense success, but also creates several serious problems.
Hitman: Agent Jun is the second feature film directed by CHOI Won-sub, who also wrote the screenplay for this movie.

* The maximum number of spectators is limited to 500 people.